Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Marine Base (katungkulan beach resort) Ternate, Cavite

Friday! March 1,2013

It was an unexpected trip with my friends... We just wanted to have a beach outing and we googled for the nearest one and we found Marine Base (Katungkulan Beach Resort) located in Calumpang, Ternate, Cavite!

 We're from Bacoor, Cavite and we left the house at around 7:30 in the morning and we reached Ternate at around 10 AM.  For some reasons we needed to make a stop over to do some marketing for our foods and along the way, we did some detour to pay a short visit to one of our friends' uncle... 

       While on our way, we passed by the Puerto Azul resort and we did some 
     picture taking! hahaha 

...we enjoyed the ride from Puerto Azul to the Marine Base because we passed so many nice views and the road is kinda zigzag like that in Baguio... It was a long and winding journey... but super enjoy! (parang road trip lang)hahaha...


 This is the first entrance and it doesn't look like that of a resort! 

I was a little bit nervous because we were blocked/confronted by the soldiers when we were entering the place! hahaha... but of course! (marine barracks nga eh)!and they asked why we were there.. So we told them we're there to visit the place and of course, we were gonna swim!(in utal-utal voice)! Then that was it! They asked us to pay for the entrance fee and sign for some sort of a waiver, just in case (daw!) something untoward or bad happened to any of us (...nakakaba naman...) .. and so, there (yey! makakapasok na kami!) anyways... we paid for the entrance fee of P100 per head for a day tour only. But they also told us they also offer overnight rate for P200 which we declined because it was never our intention to stay there overnight 'di ba? And oh, yes, we also paid P50 for the parking fee... and then I thought we were already there... owh mayyy... but to our surprise we still traveled again for 15 mins to reach the beach... (I was already so excited then and couldn't wait to see the beach na eh!) hehehe  

         and this is the second entrance! =)
      super FINALLY we're here na! hahaha
We paid for our cottage (table & chairs) worth P250... and they also have a kubo worth P350 - P400 but we only got the table&chairs because that was a nice weather at that time and they have trees around so everything turned out to be very cozy! 

see? ang presko diba? hehehe

...and yet I was sort of expecting some Marines to have their training around the premises as what I saw in some blog! owhhh... I envy them! I wanted also to take pictures of them and if possible, with them! (the soldiers ah!) :( anyway.. that's ok me and my friends came here for the beach! LOL and i was so IN LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT of the place! 

 It is nice to know that there's still a nice beach in Cavite such as the Marine Base! 

Although I already went to the Caylabne Bay Resort which is located not so far from the Marine Base, I much prefer Marine Base because it has a long beach shore and also not expensive unlike that of Caylabne Bay Resort! =)) Well, of course, if you aske and if you want a romantic place and you have lots of money... I would advise you to go to Caylabne! hahaha 


Ok lets get back to the beach! hahaha... We didn't bring a grill because we thought there would a grill available there.. then luckily we found a "chicken wire"... hahaha... then we started grilling our milkfish, talong and hotdogs! :D 
our  super fresh milfkfish! hahaha

inihaw na talong and itlog na maalat w/ kamatis

ready to ihaw na ang hotdogs!
        and now! It's kamayan time!!!! 

after we finished partaking of our sumptous 'baon', we spent and took advantage of most of our time there for picture taking!  omaygeeeeh! im pretty sure you guyz will also love this paradise! The crystal clear water!, fine and smooth texture, creamy white sand and the wind blowing ever so softly... sooo pleasant... sooo relaxing...

 I hope these photos will speak for themselves and show how nice and enjoyable it is to go and visit and enjoy the beach and the scenery inside the "Marine Base Katungkulan Beach" Resort! ^__^                                                                             

perfect for quick beach gateway!
all white! :D

enjoyed much!

just a couple of hours away from home and I'm in a paradise! 

The rocky part of the beach!

Flower Girls! hahaha

ohhh yeahhhhhh!!!


Nice beach! only P100 and we really had a great time! 

 It's more FUN in the Philippines! ^___^


  1. Ganda ng place! Gusto ko din pumunta dyan :(

  2. how can we go dyan? i wanna gooooooooo!!!!

  3. hey janey, nice blog...thanks for posting this review of this hidden frm bacoor, btw! (am a mommy of 2 girls) u didnt mention if the shower/bath areas are ok/clean enough...are they?

    thanks again! :D

    1. hi Mishelika... thanks for the comment...

      ..about the comfy now that u have mentioned it i did not comment on it because at the time that we were there the comfy was under renovation... anyway i hope that when completed, the new comfy would measure up to our expectation...

    2. we went there last week, and about the CR.. okay naman sya kahit papano..

      nice place :) thanks janey for the blog post we were able to go there :)

  4. hi can i know the contact person in the resort?

  5. hi can i ask how much is the table cttge?, or if ders a room or haws dat we can rent so we can rest or sleep??

  6. hi ms janey, can i ask for the contact number in the resort?

    1. im sorry i dont know their contact number....

  7. hello.. open po ba kau during weekends? thanks..

  8. Plan po namin magovernight po ba ngayon? Tnx

  9. sama naman ako minsan. wala akong kaibigan :(

    1. sure Russell! thanks for visiting my blog! :)

  10. miss open pa kya yang resort n yan ngayon ?

    1. sorry for late response.. now lang kasi nakapag chek ng emails...
      regarding sa question mo... yes they're always open...

  11. Do they near by market? were i can buy some seafoods

    1. there is a public market sa bayan ng Ternate... medyo malayu layo nga lang sya sa marinebase...

  12. hi! ask ko lang po kung open po sila ng weekends ? Thanks in advance :))

  13. hi po...marami po ba tao pag weekends dyan..sunday...punta sana kami this sunday e...thanks po...

  14. hi guys close daw ito until may 16 baka magresume after may 16, 2014

  15. open na po ba sila ng may 18 ????